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The Open

The Open or the British Open, is the oldest of the four major championships in professional golf. Held in the United Kingdom, it is administered by The R&A and is the only major outside the United States. The Open is currently the third major of the year, between the U.S. Open and the PGA Championship, and is played in mid-July. The Open was first played on 17 October 1860 at Prestwick Golf Club in Scotland. The common factor in the venues is links courses. The Open has always been played in Scotland, northwest England, and southeast England, along with one course in Northern Ireland. There are nine courses in the current rota, four in Scotland, four in England, and one in Northern Ireland.


Player Courses
1. Chris Bertram 14
1. Peter Wood 14
1. Neil Ballingall 14
1. Dan Krull 14
1. Rory Wood 14
1. Nick Wright 14
1. James Pinkstone 14
1. David Jones 14
1. Estevan Silva 14
1. Paul Rudovsky 14
1. Yuji Nakamura 14
1. Greg Ohlendorf 14
1. Mark White 14
1. Oiva Kuva 14
1. Guillem Mataro 14
1. Brian Ward 14
1. Pam Allen 14
1. Mikael Moritz 14
1. Jim McCann 14
1. Ed Battye 14