Curtis Cup

The Curtis Cup is the best known team trophy for women amateur golfers, awarded in the biennial Curtis Cup Match. It is co-organised by the United States Golf Association and The R&A and is contested by teams representing the United States and "Great Britain and Ireland". The same two teams originally contested the Ryder Cup, but unlike that competition, the Curtis Cup has not widened the Great Britain and Ireland team to include all Europeans (nor has the analogous event for amateur men, the Walker Cup). Many women who have gone on to become stars of women's professional golf have played in the Curtis Cup. The first Curtis Cup Match was played in 1932 at the Wentworth Club in England, and was won by the American team. The trophy, a silver bowl of Paul Revere design, was donated by Harriot Curtis (who had won the U.S. Women's Amateur in 1906) and her sister Margaret (who had won it in 1907, 1911, and 1912). In 1905 the Curtis sisters had competed in an informal match between teams of American and British golfers, and they wanted to promote the international friendships in the world of women's golf. The cup is inscribed, "To stimulate friendly rivalry among the women golfers of many lands."


Player Courses
1. Paul Rudovsky 38
2. Joseph Andriole 32
2. Tom Clasby 32
4. Greg Ohlendorf 28
5. Mark White 27
5. Joe Luigs 27
5. Bill Schulz 27
8. Tom Williamsen 25
9. Pam Allen 24
9. Erlend Malfait 24
11. Bob McCoy 23
11. John Cornish 23
11. Daryl Steel 23
11. David Forgan 23
15. Susumu Endo 22
15. David Margolis 22
15. Bob Fagan 22
15. Jeffrey Lewis 22
19. Par Widmark 21
19. Will Smith 21
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