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Oldest Golf Courses

There are several lists of the oldest golf courses. For example The Old Links at Musselburgh is officially recognised by Guinness as the oldest golf course in the world. But the below stated list, inspired by the www.scottishgolfhistory.org, ranks the St Andrews Old Course as the oldest golf course in the world. The first documented rounds of golf here date back to 1552 and since then the course has become the most famous golf course in the world and an absolute must for any golf fan. Criteria: Reference to a date on which play began on the area of the current course. Any part of the current course being within the area played at this date. Continuity of play is disregarded.


Player Courses
1. Steven Hulse 27
2. Rob Smith 26
3. Mark Gray 25
4. Hugh Clunas 24
5. Brian Ward 23
5. Antonin J. Grimm 23
5. Stuart Bendoris 23
5. Ed Battye 23
5. Peter Craigon 23
10. Dave Kerr 22
10. Greg Watson 22
10. David Thomson 22
10. Blyth Bell 22
10. Jim McCann 22
15. Clyde Johnson 21
15. Alan B Ferguson 21
17. David Jones 20
17. David Warren 20
17. David Reay 20
17. Neil Ballingall 20